Royalty Free Definition and FAQs

What is your royalty free definition? Royalty free refers to the right to use a copyright image without the need to pay for royalties each time the image is used or sold. It is based on a one-time payment to the licensor, after which you can use the image in several projects without having to purchase an additional license. RF licenses may not be given on an exclusive basis. Here are common FAQs about the license:

  • Can I use the RF license for free?
    The answer is no. Royalty free images are sold under a paid license. Whether it is for commercial or non-profit purposes, you cannot use them for free. Free images means they are unlicensed, therefore illegal to use.
  • Can I use RF images in designs that I will sell to my client? If you are a designer, yes you can as long as the images are embedded in your design. You can even use the same image in multiple designs. That is the true value of royalty free.
  • Can I use it on the template of my own web? As long you don’t design it as if the models in the images are endorsing your product, you can use royalty free images on the template of your own web.
  • Can I use RF images in templates that I will sell? It is possible, but this usually requires a different license – a rights-managed (RM) license.
  • Can I use the images in my brand identity? No, you can’t. You can use them in graphic designs, but you can’t include them in your trademarks, brand logos, or other design marks. You cannot make it look like they are endorsing your product or are directly bound to your company. You can only use them in your marketing efforts.
  • Can I buy exclusive rights to Royalty Free image? No, you can’t. Royalty free definition means multiple buyers can license the image. To get exclusive rights, you need a rights-managed license or other similar licenses for a higher price.

Always read the agreement carefully because each stock agency has their own variations and changes to their license. Make sure you understand the rights you are buying.

What is Shutterstock Plans and Pricing?

Shutterstock is a global tech company that offers stunning content at straightforward prices. Yes, that’s right. If you are looking for affordable stock images, videos and music, you’ve found the right place. The stock photo website offers plans and pricing for every budget. Create a free-browse account to start searching their collection of over 93 million stock files. Start for free now, and check out if any of these pricing and plans suit your creative needs and budget.


What is Shutterstock plans and pricing?

  • Basic. Don’t have large, regular creative needs? No problem. Shutterstock offers a Basic pricing for its beloved members. You can download a minimum of 5 images for $49, without commitment. As long as you download the images within 1 year of purchase, you have nothing to worry about. If you have larger one-time needs, you can also opt for the larger pack of 25 images at $229.
  • Professional. The Professional pricing and plan gives you access to the entire collection with no daily download limits. That’s right! You can download as many images as you want in a day as long as you don’t exceed your monthly limit. Choose between monthly and yearly plans based on your creative needs. The yearly plans are offered at greater discounts and are suitable for regular creative needs.
  • Team. Working with a team? You can share your images based on the number of users you purchased. Download up to 750 images per month at prices that vary by the number of users.

Basic, Professional and Team plans all come with a Standard License. This type of license includes a perpetual license duration, meaning you can use the files for as long as you like. You can also use them worldwide with unlimited digital productions, which means you can use them in website, e-book downloads, applications, software, email, etc. You can also use them for up to 500,000 physical reproductions of books, magazines, packaging and advertising posters.

Where else can you use the files downloaded with a Standard license? You can use them in production budgets of up to $10,000. On the other hand, you are not allowed to use the stock files to produce copies of web or print templates, as well as copies of merchandise for sale. In terms of legal indemnification, you have a legal guarantee of up to $10,000 per image in case you encounter some copyright issues in the future.

If you want to enjoy more rights in using the stock files, we recommend getting an Enhanced License. For an additional cost, you will be able to use the images, videos and music for larger audiences, bigger print runs, merchandise for sale, and many more. They must be downloaded within one year of purchase too. Shutterstock also has business solutions if you are looking for enterprise plans.

Experience Incredible Stock at Flexible iStockphoto Pricing

istock_logoThere has been changes on iStockphoto pricing over the last week and the new prices are in effect now. If you have remaining downloads on your account, they are most likely converted by now. What can you expect with the new pricing and plans? Well, for one, they are a bit pricier now. But before you go out looking for a new primary stock photo website, you should know that they have become more valuable too. How is this possible? Let us count the ways:

  • Images can be independently downloaded at the same price. The base package contains 1 credit which can be used to buy a single Essential image. Further packages can be divided by 3 for the price of Signature images, which means 18 credits can be used to purchase 18 Essential images or 6 Signature images. Compared to 1 credit package, you can save one third of a single image price.
  • The new iStockphoto pricing is more affordable that its competitors. The minimum price for an iStock credit is $15, which is a lot cheaper compared to Shutterstock’s credit at $29. But the larger pack of 5 images at Shutterstock costs only $49 which is about $10 per image. For you to be able to reach that level of pricing with iStock, you need to purchase 18 credits priced at $175. The same difference can be seen with its subscription packages.
  • It offers simplification for more flexibility. Simplifying the iStockphoto pricing is where the stock photo agency started. It is adapting to the current market in a way that customers do not need to settle for the same commodity content in other stock sites anymore. It will now offer two collections instead of four in line with the two subscription plans offered earlier this year. The Essentials collection will include images that can be found in other stock sites, while the Signature Collection is exclusive to iStock.
  • It raises the value of credits. The new iStockpoto pricing offers higher value to credits when it comes to purchasing image licenses. In the new system, one credit will be the base price. The larger credits will still get a discount, lowering the price per credit for up 50%. It will allow you to buy a one credit package that lets you purchase images with no leftovers in your account.

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The new iStockphoto pricing still allows you to explore millions of royalty-free stock photos, videos, illustrations and music clips at ridiculously great prices. While the new prices may be a bit higher, they also offer a higher value. What are you waiting for? Join the stock photo website now and enjoy a number of great things: free photos, videos, illustrations and music clip, incredible stock, and flexible pricing.

iStock Coupon Codes for New and Existing Customers

istock_logo_detail With iStock, you can explore millions of high quality royalty-free stock images, illustrations, music and video clips. You can purchase them by paying per image or subscribing to a plan, whichever suits your creative needs and budget. The stock photo website offers them at ridiculously great prices, and even throws in some coupon codes to further your savings. In previous times, a sign up is necessary to redeem iStock coupons codes but they are now available to both new and existing iStock customers.

Plans and Pricing


iStock by Getty Images is one of the largest stock photo marketplaces in the world. It offers hand-picked premium images at ridiculously great prices you will not find anywhere else. It has been around for over 15 years already, becoming the original source for user-generated stock images. It has given the creative community, both buyers and sellers, the opportunity to create and contribute amazing work. You can purchase and download bold, unique stock images through:

  • Pay per download with credits. If you need a few images on an occasional basis, iStock gives you the option to pay per download through credits. You can purchase credit packs in various sizes with a minimum of 1 credit and a maximum of 300 credits. A single credit costs $12, but buying more lets you save more. For instance, 3 credits cost $33 and save you $3. Moreover, you do not have to worry about purchasing an excessive amount of credits since they never expire.

iStock Promo Code: Currently, Stock Photo Secrets offers coupons that will give you 10% off on credits. The offer is available to new iStock customers and is applicable to all credit packages.

  • Subscribe and save. Getting a subscription plan gives you the best rates for iStock photos. You can choose between an annual and monthly plan, Essentials and Signature subscription as well as the number of images included – whichever meets your creative needs. The stock photo website has a new feature that allows you to rollover unused downloads so you do not have to worry about wasted downloads.


 iStock Promo Code: Stock Photo Secrets offers coupons that will save you 15% off subscriptions. It is available to all customers – new and existing – and is applicable to monthly subscriptions. iStock coupon codes 2016 will give you 15% discounts on your yearly subscriptions, too. Hurry and redeem them now!

iStock partners with Stock Photo Secrets to make sure all members of the creative community can afford its already affordable stock assets. Aside from the incredible stock and flexible pricing, the stock photo website also offer iStockphoto coupons to further your savings. What are you waiting for? Grab this rare opportunity to get discounts on credits, monthly and yearly subscriptions.